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Welding Introduction

  • Follow a series of processes that will take you through Oxyacetylene welding and cutting, equipment set-up, shielded metal arc (stick), metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG), single and multiple pass welding in all positions. Curriculum follows the guidelines of the American Society of Welding. Auto-darkening hood will be available Student supplies gloves and light welding jacket.

Welding MIG

  • Learn to weld sheet metal and thicker types of materials incorporating different joint designs using the gas metal arc welding process. Students will also learn to weld carbon steel material utilizing the Fluxcore Welding process. Students will learn the differences between gas and metal arc and Fluxcore Welding, the operation and settings of these power supplies. Lectures will incorporate joint designs and when to use these processes. Students are welcome to bring in their own projects. Auto-darkening hood will be available. Student supplies gloves and light welding jacket.

Welding TIG

  • Learn to weld carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum in flat, vertical and horizontal positions using gas tungsten arc welding process. Students will learn the proper operation of the power supply and torch handle. Students are encouraged to bring in their own projects. Curriculum follows the guidelines of the American Welding Society. Auto-darkening hood will be available. Student supplies gloves and light welding jacket.



Our Community Education certificate programs are ideal for busy adults who are beginning a new career path, considering a career change, honing their current skills, or pursuing a passion.

A Certificate Program is a series of classes that provide in-depth study and are taught by industry professionals. Our continuing education certificate programs are aligned to industry-recognized credentials, accreditation exams, or meet state—mandated requirements for continuing education.  The classes are flexible and less rigorous than standard university degree programs, offered part-time, and are noncredit-bearing courses of study with no entrance requirements.  All programs are focused courses of study that can be completed within a short time frame allowing individuals to explore opportunities for personal and professional growth.

This program includes the following courses for a total of 133 hours course time. Please click on any of the links below to go to the registration page for that course. Not all courses are offered every session. If you have any questions, please contact us at 585.349.9100.

Technical Math (25 Hours)

Introduction to Welding (42 Hours)

MIG/Metal Inert Gas Welding (24 Hours)

TIG/Tungsten Inert Gas & GTAW/Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (42 Hours)

OSHA 10 Construction (10 Hours)


Success Stories

Vincent, Welding Certificate Program Graduate

Vincent, welding program graduateVincent finished his welding certificate program with CWD and was looking forward to the opportunities the training provides. After working at a ski resort in Colorado for six years, Vincent was ready for a career that offered more opportunities for advancement and continuous learning. He had been thinking about welding as a career and began looking into training programs both in Colorado and around Spencerport, where he was originally from.

“The training program at CWD is so affordable compared to the other options I found, and it offers flexibility with my schedule,” Vincent said. “I am very happy with my choice to attend training here.”

Vincent credits the instructors at CWD with fueling his love of the program and helping him to figure out where he wants to take his skills. “I have a bachelor’s degree and good work experience. Now with this training, I have lots of options to explore for my career path. I am excited for the opportunities.”