TASC – Scheduling flexibility and the TASC “Testing-Session”

Completing all five TASC subtests can take over 8-hours.  Although it may be possible to do this in “one sitting”, a more reasonable and less stressful setting for the test-taker is to schedule a “testing-session” comprised of two 4-hour blocks.  The testing-sessions offered by CWD for 2019 use Wednesday and Thursday test-days.  The schedule of subtests during a given testing-session varies depending on the format (i.e., CBT or PBT).

  • The PBT format – requires all test-takers take the same sub-test at the same time. This means that the testing-sessions almost always takes the fully allotted time. A test-taker who finishes a subtest early, must wait for the other test-takers before beginning the next test. The three shortest duration subtests (i.e., Science, Reading and Social Studies) are scheduled on Wednesday, the first day of the testing-session. The longest subtests (i.e., Mathematics and Writing) are scheduled on Thursday, the second day of the testing-session.
  • The CBT format – allows each test-taker to take the specific tests they need independently of when other test-takers may be taking the same tests. This format allows greater flexibility for test-takers.  As a practical matter, a CBT test-taker may take the subtests in any sequence they choose during the testing-session.
  • Scheduling Flexibility – CWD has two approved TASC Test Centers which offers even greater flexibility to test-takers. Testing is offered in the morning (reporting time 7:30AM) at the RTP site while afternoon testing (reporting time 12:30PM) is offered at the WeMoCo site. In addition, should circumstances (e.g., class, work, child-care schedules) require it, a test-taker may begin testing at RTP on one test day and complete testing at WeMoCo on a second test day the following week.

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