Earn your High School Equivalency Diploma with the TASC


New York’s high school equivalency exam is called the TASC! The GED® is no longer offered ANYWHERE in New York State!


If you’re an adult seeking your High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma, taking the TASC is the most common way to achieve this.

  • TASC stands for Test Assessing Secondary Completion
  • The TASC uses the same test format as the GED®.
  • New requirements for all students began January 1, 2014.
  • If you took the GED between the years 2002-2013 and passed some parts of it, you can earn credit towards your HSE diploma.
  • If you have passed one or more Regents exams at any time, you can receive credit towards your HSE diploma.


You can take the test with us, but if you’re not ready yet we have FREE classes and distance learning tutoring programs to help support you.

  • Ready to Test? We will walk you through the registration and testing process.
  • Not Ready Yet? We can help you get there! Daytime, afternoon and evening classes are available to help you prepare to earn your high school equivalency diploma. We also have distance learning programs with optional tutoring available. All programs are FREE for those 21 and over and without a diploma.