TASC – How to Register

How do I register for TASC?

Registering for TASC is a two-step process.  Potential test-takers must  Register for TASC online and submit a hard copy application:

  1. Register online – To complete the TASC-Registration process through CWD, applicants must submit an online TASC Registration request. The CWD Registration process creates a profile for the applicant in the DRC TASC system. Click on this link for “Instructions for registering for TASC Online through CWD”.    Or alternatively, one could also register online directly by creating a DRC profile on their own.
  2. Complete the TASC Application – A hard copy of the TASC Application and the associated forms, becomes the official document of record and is retained at the Test Center. Click on this link for “Instructions for completing The TASC  Application”. 

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