TASC- Proof of Age Eligibility

Applicants over 19 years old may take TASC without any additional proof of age eligibility.

Applicants 17 or 18 years old must meet other requirements AND submit the TASC Age Eligibility Form  (or TTAF, if applicable). The applicant must have reached maximum compulsory school attendance age (MCSAA-*) AND meet one of the following conditions:

  • One year has passed since the applicant was last enrolled in a program of study leading to a high school diploma.
  • Was a member of a high school class that has already graduated.
  • Has been home schooled.
  • Is enrolled in an Alternative High School Equivalency Preparation (ASHEP)  Program…must submit a T-TAF
  • Has applied to the United States Armed Forces.
  • Has applied to a college or post-secondary institution.
  • Currently enrolled in a Job Corps program.
  • Is incarcerated or institutionalized.
  • Is an adjudicated youth or is under the direction of a prison, jail, detention center, court, parole or probation office. 
  • The applicant is foreign born and never attended K-12 schools in the United States.


* MCSAA – Applicants reach “maximum compulsory school attendance age” when the school year in which they turn sixteen years of age has ended (June 30).  NYSED-regulations define when a 16 year old applicant may test and it depends on when she/he was born:

    • Born on or before 6/30/2003 may test on or after 7/1/2020
    • Born on or after 7/1/2003 may test on or after 7/1/2021…Yes, they must wait “a year” until after the school year within which they were born has been completed.


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