TASC – Instructions for completing Attachment A

Attachment A is the “TASC Application”. A hard copy of Attachment A and other associated forms becomes the official document of record. Read the instructions thoroughly because different options may apply depending on individual circumstances. In addition, different options may require additional forms and documentation.

A few suggestions and hints about completing Attachment A:

  • Attachment A is a PDF and can be completed online. After editing and completing the form, save it in an electronic format. This is the best approach. It creates a document that is readable without the vagaries of hand-writing.
  • To get a fillable form, click here The TASC Application 
  • Questions to highlight from The TASC Application:

Q6 – The SSN is used to link the TASC and HSE records with other information used by NYSED – HSE to verify that an applicant was eligible to take TASC. The type of proof offered for NYS Residency checked in Q2 should be also be checked for Q6.

Q13 – A valid email address is required for completing TASC registration through the on-line registration portal. Be certain that the email address offered on Attachment A for Q13 is the same one used to complete registration on-line.

The alternate email address should be someone who is aware the applicant is taking the TASC and should be CCed on communications that go to the applicant regarding TASC (e.g., registration confirmation, test reminders, results reports). Typically, a parent/guardian, other family member and/or advocate from a TASC Prep-program are included as an alternate email. These emails are used as an alternate communications channel. Several alternate emails may be on Attachment A.

  • Scan (or take a cell phone pic) and attach a copy of the photo-ID of the test-taker. Test-takers will be asked to present this ID to verify their identity when they report for testing.
  • To expedite processing, email the completed Attachment A and the photo-ID to the CWD TASC Coordinator at: TASCinfo@Monroe2BOCES.org
  • Print out the application form (and other associated forms as needed), sign and return a hardcopy original to CWD. The signed hard copy serves as the official document of record.
  • CWD’s USPS mailing address for TASC correspondence is:

Attn: TASC Coordinator

Center for Workforce Development

Rochester Technology Park

160 Wallace Way, Building 9

Rochester, NY 14624


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