How can I find out if I passed?

  • Official and Unofficial Results. — The official results are only available from NYSED-HSE. NYSED-HSE reviews the paperwork and eligibility documentation for each test-taker to ensure that eligibility requirements have been met. (NOTE: NYSED-HSE doesn’t review the actual test scores. The test scores are determined by DRC, the testing company). The NYSED review takes 7 – 10 weeks. The official results (and diploma) are sent via USPS directly to the test-taker based on the address they provided on the signature card when they tested. Unofficial results (aka the test scores) are available much more quickly. These unofficial scores reflect how the test-takers did on the subtest and if they passed.


  • Wait patiently. —The “official” answer is that PBT takes 1 – 2 weeks. It’s always much closer to two weeks. The answer booklets are shipped to Minnesota for processing. There is lots of handling for paper tests as part of the scoring process and that takes time. By contrast, because the test is taken and answers are already on the computer, scoring CBT is much faster. It is typical that scores are available within 24 hours. For both test formats, the Writing subtest takes longer because two real people have to read the essays and that takes time.


  • If you have a DRC TASC Profile. — If you have created a DRC TASC profile, you can check your unofficial results by accessing your profile. The link to the DRC TASC system for test-takers is: You will be able to see the unofficial scores as soon as they are posted. You can also create your own report. You can print out a hardcopy OR create a PDF (aka an electronic file). To create a PDF, use the print option…but, select PDF as the output format rather than an actual printer. You can then name the PDF document created something informative like… TASC Results for TTTT (aka Trevor TASC Test-Taker).


  • If you DO NOT have a DRC TASC Profile. — If you haven’t created a DRC TASC profile OR your initial TASC registration was completed by a TEST Center, you can check your unofficial results by “creating” and then accessing your profile. The link to the DRC TASC system for test-takers is:


  • TASC Coordinator. — If you have tested at a CWD Test Center, the CWD TASC Coordinator will send you a report of your results…when results are posted. This is NOT an automated process and the TASC Coordinator has to check the scores manually.  If you haven’t heard from the TASC Coordinator after a few days…send an email and ask if the scores have been posted.


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