Home Remodeling

Looking to embark on a remodel of your home? Or hoping to start a new contracting business? Or just learn some new skills? These classes might be the perfect fit for you. Check out the course descriptions below.

home remodeling

Course Offerings

Home Remodeling Section 1 (Framing & Drywall)

  • In this Home Remodeling Section the student will be receive hands on instruction on tools and materials required to work with wall framing and drywall. You will learn how to frame walls, hang and install new drywall, repair/remove damaged areas and how to finish the new or repaired drywall.

Home Remodeling Section 2 (Floors, Windows, Doors)

  • This course expands on the fundamentals of home remodeling I, by teaching students the fundamentals of how to prepare and install ceramic tiling for walls and flooring, hardwood flooring, doors, windows and trim. The appropriate tools and materials will be used and the importance of site preparation will be covered. Students will also learn how to repair or replace hardwood floors using the tongue and groove method.

Home Remodeling Section 3 (Electrical & Plumbing)

  • Learn the basics of gas furnaces, gas controls, properties of gas piping, ventilation and combustion, boilers and heat pumps. You will also explore advanced controls, design for installing systems, heat load calculations and troubleshooting.

    Learning Objectives:

    Furnace (forced air distribution system) With a furnace (usually powered with gas), air is forced through a series of ducts.
    Boiler (Radiator distribution system)
    Heat Pump
    Hybrid Heating
    Ductless Mini-Splits
    Radiant Heating
    Baseboard Heaters
    Furnace (forced air distribution system)

Home Remodeling Section 4 (Flipping Houses)

  • Are you interested in flipping houses? In Home Remodeling 4 we will extend the hands-on learning of home renovations focusing on painting, cabinet removal and replacement, countertop installation and other related topics. Additionally, you will hear from experts in the real estate market that will help guide you in areas like financing, legal issues, and property staging.