TASC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NOTICE: Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES is Closed to Students Monday, March 16, 2020 Until Further Notice. 

TASC Testing is also canceled. 
Although the date when Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES will be reopened is yet to be determined, potential TASC Test-Takers may submit test-schedule requests for future testing-sessions. 

However, if and when future testing-sessions are canceled (because BOCES remains closed), test-takers who had been scheduled, will be notified by email.


The TASC Process in Three  (OK…four) Easy Steps!

1. Check if you are eligible to test.

What are the eligibility requirements for TASC?

2. Register for TASC.

How do I register for TASC?

3. Request a testing-session.

How do I schedule a TASC test?

4. Check your scores

How can I find out if I passed?

More great questions…

I have an IEP and testing-accommodations.  Do these apply for taking TASC?

I’m nervous about taking a computer based test (CBT). Can I practice first?

Are there materials available that I can use to prepare on my own?

Is TASC the same as GED and do my old GED scores count?

I’ve passed Regents Exams. Do those count like TASC subtests?

Forms, Attachments…I need PAPERWORK!!!

Is help available so I can learn more and pass the Mathematics sub-test?

Connecting directly with NYSED to check on my status.

Duplicate Diplomas and/or HSE-Transcripts