1. Is TASC the same as GED?

The GED was used by New York State to assess performance for High School Equivalency (HSE) credit from 2003 – 2013. Beginning in 2014, TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ is now used instead. An applicant who passed some GED tests in the past but did not complete their GED may substitute those for the corresponding TASC sub-test. To schedule TASC sub-tests also requires that the potential test-taker first register for TASC.

2. What is the “Fourth Pathway”?

The NYS Board of Regents has approved regulatory changes to provide an additional pathway to earn a NYS High School Equivalency diploma by allowing individuals to use passing scores on certain Regents exams in place of the corresponding TASC subtests. For more information on the approved regulation, visit the NY State Education Department website.

3. How do I register for TASC?

If the potential test-taker hasn’t registered for TASC she/he must do so. This single registration can also be used for any necessary re-tests. A completed “Attachment A” is the form needed to register for TASC.

  • The form may be completed online. This is better than filling out by hand to avoid errors from misreading handwriting.
  • Read the instructions thoroughly because there are many options that may apply depending on the circumstances of the test-taker. Different options may require different forms and documentation.
  • It is very important that a valid email be included on the application. Registration confirmation, test scheduling details, test reminders, other Q & A and all status communications from CWD are via email. To check TASC results online requires that applicants include a valid email on their applications. Applications without an email are considered incomplete and the applicant will be asked to provide an email address. Assistance is available to applicants (or a family member or advocate) to establish a free email for their personal use, if needed.
  • Attach a copy of the photo-ID of the test-taker to the application. Test-takers will be asked to present this ID to verify their identity when they come to take the TASC.
  • To expedite processing, email the completed application to the CWD TASC Coordinator, TASCinfo@Monroe2BOCES.org.
  • However, the application form (and other associated forms as needed) MUST be printed out, signed and returned to CWD so that there is a signed hard copy as the official application of record. Our mailing address for TASC correspondence is:
    Attn: TASC Coordinator
    Center for Workforce Development
    Rochester Technology Park
    160 Wallace Way, Building 9
    Rochester, NY 14624
  • Attached forms and additional information:

4. How do I schedule a TASC re-test?

If a test-taker has previously registered for TASC and she/he wants to schedule a re-test, all they need to do is:

  • Review the current schedule of CWD testing-sessions
  • Select the format & date(s)
  • Email the CWD TASC Coordinator (TASCinfo@Monroe2BOCES.org) with their request. Be certain to include which tests are to be taken. NOTE: If the test-taker is eligible for testing-accommodations she/he should email the details of their request to arrange individual testing sessions.
  • Attached forms and additional information:

5. Are testing accommodations allowed for TASC?

If a test-taker qualifies for testing accommodations, those accommodations can be used for TASC testing. In New York State, this typically means that the student has an approved IEP or 504 Plan. To apply for testing accommodations, the TASC Special Testing Accommodations Request Form must be completed. This process has several steps.

  • The applicant (test-taker) and/or their advocate complete the designated sections of the form.
  • The partially completed form (in hard copy) is submitted to the testing center. Our mailing address for TASC correspondence is:
    Attn: TASC Coordinator
    Center for Workforce Development
    Rochester Technology Park
    160 Wallace Way, Building 9
    Rochester, NY 14624
  • The TASC Coordinator reviews the application to attest that it has been completed and completes other sections of the application.
  • The TASC Coordinator submits the completed form to DRC for review and approval. NOTE: Although these first steps can be completed relatively quickly, it can take 6-8 weeks or more for DRC to complete their review and approve or reject an application.
  • The applicant and the testing center are both notified by mail of the outcome of the review. An application may be approved, rejected or assigned a pending status while awaiting additional documentation.
  • Once testing accommodations are approved by DRC, the TASC can be scheduled.
  • Attached forms and additional information:

6. How will I find out if I passed?

Official results are mailed (US Postal Service) to the test-taker based on the information provided on their application (Attachment A) when they registered for TASC. If the test-taker provided an email on the application, they can create an account on the DRC system and check for unofficial results. Although these results represent an accurate assessment of the test-takers performance on the tests, they are considered unofficial pending a final review of all the documentation by NYSED – HSE. The NYSED link to the DRC website to access unofficial scores is: www.acces.nysed.gov/hse/early-access-unofficial-scores

7. What other TASC forms and options are there?

The steps and associated forms described above are the most typical options related to TASC. However, there are other circumstances that may apply and, of course, additional forms that must be completed. Please contact CWD (TASCinfo@Monroe2BOCES.org) with any TASC-related questions or for additional details and instructions on the following:

  • Using Regents Exams for HSE credit
  • Special age-related requirements and options