Career Education Training Program Policies

Registration Confirmation

  • Registration for career education job training programs requires attendance at a monthly information session, payment of a $25 non-refundable registration fee, successful completion of the TABE entrance exam, and full payment of tuition.
  • An automated email confirming your registration will be sent to the email that is on file. The entire admission process must be completed before registration is confirmed.

Program/Course/Class Transfer

  • Students have no later than three school days after the start date of a career education job training course to request a transfer into a different course. All student transfers are subject to a one time $50 processing fee which will be invoiced directly to the student. If the transfer is not possible, see the refund policy.

Refund/Withdrawal Policy

  • Full Refund: A written request to withdraw from the course must be received by the CWD Office no later than five (5) days prior to the first scheduled day of class. A $50 processing fee will be deducted from the full refund amount.
  • Partial Refund: A written request to withdraw from the course must be received by the CWD Office upon withdrawal. A percentage of the program tuition will be refunded depending on the percentage of the program hours completed, less a $50 processing fee.
    • Up to 7% of the program hours completed = 75% refund
    • Up to 13% of the program hours completed = 50% refund
    • Up to 20% of the program hours completed = 25% refund
    • Over 20% of the program hours completed = no refund
  • Refunds take approximately 4 – 6 weeks for processing.

Federal Title IV Refunds

  • The financial aid (Pell Grant and student loans) earned by the student is equal to the percentage of the period of enrollment completed. When a student withdraws before completing more than 60% of the period of enrollment, the percentage of financial aid is prorated using the Federal Refund/Repayment Policy. The returned funds must be refunded to the following sources in this specific order:
    1. Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans
    2. Subsidized Federal Direct Loans
    3. Federal PLUS Loans
    4. Federal Pell Grant
    • Upon termination of enrollment, any balance due to Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES CWD (based on the school’s refund policy) is payable immediately. All charges on the student’s account must be paid in full prior to the completion of the training program. Monroe2-Orleans BOCES CWD reserves the right to withhold student transcripts and deny approval for state board examinations to any student who has an outstanding balance with the Financial Aid Office.