Students will learn how to skillfully prepare and serve meals that look asCutting Vegetables good as they taste using both classical food preparation techniques and current food trends. The chefs-in-training will develop a variety of highly sought-after culinary skills in a commercial kitchen. Students regularly prepare and sample a variety of menu items while they learn and practice skills in baking and pastry arts, food preparation, cooking techniques, hosting, business fundamentals and safety/sanitation.


Course Offerings

Bread Baking 101

  • Explore the science behind the “Staff of Life” in a fully immersive workshop led by Chef Jeffory “Cheffory” McLean. Learn what happy accident occurred to create bread. Create a loaf from scratch while you discover how two simple ingredients participate in a magical dance to create the World’s perfect food.

Mediterranean Diet

  • Ever wonder why some of the world’s longest living people come from islands in the Mediterranean? Scientists point to two factors; strong community, and a healthy diet!If your New Year’s resolution was to eat healthier, here’s your chance to expand your cooking game to include healthy Mediterranean themed recipes.

Pizza Palooza

  • Did you know that the average American consumes 23 pounds of pizza per year?! It’s the perfect food! And when you pair them with buffalo wings, you’ve got a party! Jump in and get some flour on your hands as you create while you learn the details of what makes the perfect pizza crust, as well, learn to cook the best buffalo wings the proper way! Nope, it’s not deep-friend and pizza isn’t Italian.

Sushi Rolling Workshop

  • “Procure the Freshest Ingredients. Cook the Perfect rice. Learn an Ancient technique. Create an Amazing meal!”Join Chef Jeffory “Cheffory” McLean for a fully immersive kitchen experience. Learn the history of sushi and perfect your Maki rolling skills. Enjoy Cooked, Raw and Vegetable Maki Rolls.

The Chef’s Table

  • Have you ever wondered what goes into making that perfect Resturant meal?
    The Ingredients? The Method of Preparation? The Plating?
    Now you can learn the secrets of the Pros as you work side-by-side with Chef Jeffory “Cheffory” McLean to prepapre a Professional quality meal with your newfound knowledge and skills!Menu
    Cast Iron Seared Beef Ribeye w/Herbed Mushroom & Onions & Roasted Rosemary Potatoes
    Ginger & Soy Honey Glazed Salmon w/ Miso Tatsol & Edamame
    Chicken French w/ Escarole & Ricotta Gnocchi