Business Solutions Account and Course Enrollment

Our online registration system allows for easy enrollment in our part-time course offerings for individuals and for organizations. Simply create an account, and you will be able to register for courses, add other members to your account, print registration confirmations and more.

Here’s how to get started.

Under the Customized Business Solutions tab, click on Create an Account to be taken to our registration page.

Complete the registration form and click Submit. After you have completed your own registration form, you will be able to add members under your account in order to register other people for courses as well.

Find the course you would like to register for by clicking on the Course Search tab in the sidebar. Click on the course name to pull up the course description. At the bottom right, you will see a Register button. You can click there to register yourself. If you need to register other people, click on the need to register for someone else? link above the registration button. This will allow you to add them by providing their name and email address. Note: if you think your client already has an account, but is not linked to yours, please contact the office at 585.349.9100 and request to have them linked to you.

Ready to begin? Go to Step 1 to Create an Account.