TASC – Becoming familiar with the CBT format

Practicing with the CBT format before you test is a great idea.  The CBT format provides test-taking tools that are NOT allowed with PBT. The TASC Online Training Tools (OTT) presents what the CBT testing format is like and helps you become familiar with what to expect.  Although you should use OTT before you report for testing, you may also access the OTT on the day of the testing.  Using OTT doesn’t impact your actual test in any way. DRC suggests that Google Chrome is the best browser to emulate the functionality of the TASC CBT. OTT doesn’t work with Internet Explore. But, does with Mocrosoft Edge.

It is highly recommended that you spend some time with OTT before reporting for testing.  In particular if you are taking the mathematics subtest.  It is very easy to indicate your answers with CBT…but, much better to become familiar with the format before you test when there is no “testing” pressure.

  • https://wbte.drcedirect.com/TASC/portals/tasc
  • Select “Online Tools Training” on the Main Page.
  • Select “OTTs in English” on the Online Tools Training page.
  • Select the subject of an OTT from those presented.
  • Enter the Username and Password displayed on screen.
  • Follow the directions on screen to take the OTT and experience the TASC Test in DRC INSIGHT.


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