Meet the Instructor: Linda Rabjohn

Linda Rabjohn, instructor at CWDThe CWD Medical Office Assistant program is taught by Linda Rabjohn, who has enjoyed a long career studying, interning, managing and teaching in the medical field. Rabjohn has experienced the clinical, coding, billing, medical record management, release of information, quality assurance and other skill sets she now teaches.

“All of my experiences in the medical field allow me to coach students in medical terminology, administrative details and clinical skills in a way that is relevant, fun, engaging and memorable. I love teaching and feel it is my responsibility to help my students love what they are learning and to make it as productive and enjoyable as possible.”

Teaching for 13 years, Rabjohn utilizes a variety of teaching styles to adapt the program to the wide variety of ways students learn.

“My favorite moments in teaching occur when adult students realize they are capable learners and begin to achieve grades and acquire skills they never knew possible.”

Rabjohn credits the excellent graduation and placement success of this program to how well-known and well-rounded the program is and the fact that Rochester’s biggest employers are now medical employers. She calls the program one of the area’s best kept secrets, but it is no secret to area employers.

“We teach the skills that our largest employers need. Many local medical employers regularly work with me to host students for administrative and/or clinical internships and for employment vacancies they have. I am very proud of the Medical Office Assistant program’s successes. My favorite saying, ‘Love what you do, do what you love!’ perfectly describes how I feel about being an adult instructor for CWD!”